Ads effectiveness multiscreen Google eye tracking study


Eye tracking reveals which type of ads are the most effective - a study for Google.

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有多少人会忽视广告... 还是他们?

Historical research shows that people often try to ignore ads when they are shown on screen by 切换频道 or leaving their seat. 然而,他们的 注意 actually go when they are not actively avoiding exposure to ads?

谷歌与 365bet职业洞察力 on a study to find out what people are actually paying 注意 to while being exposed to advertisements. The research used eye tracking technology in order to capture objective data, 因为注意力是由人们所看的东西来衡量的, 不仅仅是他们所接触到的东西.

The result: While people were watching TV and the ads came on, the research team discovered that TV commercials are still attracting the audience's 注意 50% of the time that the ads are on. 有一半的时候, the viewers focus on what is being shown on the TV screens without standing up, 切换频道, 甚至看其他屏幕,比如手机, 笔记本电脑, 或者平板电脑.


TV commercials catch viewers' 注意 for about 50% of the running duration. This figure jumps to two-thirds for YouTube video ads, and it is even higher for YouTube video commercials viewed on mobile devices. This certainly give marketers valuable information as to where to focus their budget.

Another important finding is that longer video commercial ads significantly lower the viewer's 注意 levels. 这表明视频广告, even though largely successful in attracting the viewer's 注意, should be kept short and interesting to maximize the effectiveness of the delivered message.


Many large brands and businesses, such as Unilever, Electrolux, P&G, 欧莱雅, have been working with eye tracking innovations from 365bet职业 in order to obtain a precise, 立即, and objective look into customers' interactions with advertising messages. Eye tracking is a proven marketing research tool with the advantage of being the only way to measure the 注意 of the customers and prove it objectively.

The Pro Insight team acts as an agile research partner. 在过程或开发的任何阶段, they work with businesses without an extra investment in time, 资源, 眼动跟踪知识, 或基础设施. In order to understand the performance of ads on multiple screens without bias, 365bet职业洞察力 can answer questions about 注意 including : where, 多长时间, 多长时间, 为什么.
In this particular study, 34 participants wore 365bet职业眼镜 in their own homes for seven days. The data was passively collected with normalized patterns of behavior.

服务主管Ali Farokhian补充道:“365bet职业洞察力 进行行为研究, 在现实世界的环境中,比如在家里, for businesses without requiring any knowledge of this research methodology or extra 资源 from their company. 使用365bet真人体育追踪的家庭研究, allow participant’s to behave naturally and data  can easily be collected unmoderated and passively. This is then analyzed by our research team for valuable insights into what actually captures peoples’ 注意."

请访问谷歌发表的研究: 在起居室里争夺注意力的战争.


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