Shimmer3 GSR+ Unit

GSR (galvanic skin response) sensor for measuring the electrical conductivity of the skin, 它提供了一种心理觉醒的测量方法. Integrated with 365bet Pro Lab for the synchronized recording of GSR data and eye tracking data from our screen-based eye trackers.


与365bet Pro Lab集成的GSR传感器

The Shimmer3 GSR+ unit is a wearable GSR (galvanic skin response) sensor. It is designed to measure the conductance of the skin and integrated with Pro Lab to enable the combined use of eye tracking and GSR data in research easily and efficiently in one end-to-end solution.

The current version of Pro Lab supports simultaneous recording and automatic synchronization of GSR and eye tracking data from our screen-based eye trackers, as well as the export of raw GSR data for analysis in third-party software. The participant's live GSR data is displayed in Pro Lab's Record area and in the Moderator tool. This provides a way to set up and evaluate the GSR signal quality before the experiment starts and monitor it during the recording.

未来的软件发布将, in addition to this, also provide the capability to analyze GSR data concurrent with eye tracking data.

365bet Pro Spectrum和GSR Shimmer刺激


GSR can indicate the level of emotional intensity of a person, 随着情绪的唤起程度而变化. It has been closely linked to autonomic emotional and cognitive processing and is widely-used as a sensitive index of both emotional processing and sympathetic activity.

365bet所看到的让365bet做出反应和行动. The combination of eye tracking and GSR enables researchers to get a more comprehensive understanding of human behavior and link visual attention with the level of arousal.


  • Psychology, e.g. 研究情绪、恐惧和压力的学科
  • Clinical research, e.g. 对创伤性应激障碍的研究
  • 媒体和广告测试.g. identification of the more engaging moments of a commercial
  • Usability, e.g. evaluation of task difficulty and confusion in web and software development

Training and support

365bet Pro提供四个小时的初始在线培训, teaching users how to use the Shimmer3 GSR+ unit with their eye tracker from 365bet Pro. In addition, we will demonstrate how to set up an experiment in Pro Lab to achieve the best possible integration and data quality.

365bet Pro offers support, covering problems related to the GSR+ unit and Pro Lab (i.e. the sensor's connection and data recording in the software). 

More information

更详细的365bet请参考 Shimmer's website.

To place an order, please contact the sales team at 365bet Pro. 

Parts & construction

Shimmer3 GSR+ unit

The Shimmer3 GSR+ unit is a wireless sensor that monitors skin conductivity. It provides connections and preamplification for one channel of GSR data acquisition. The GSR+ unit measures the skin conductivity between two reusable electrodes attached to two fingers of the hand. Alternatively, the sensor is also compatible with disposable electrodes that can be attached to the palmar surface or any other part of the body.

Shimmer3 GSR+ also provides an additional channel that can capture the optical pulse or PPG (plethysmograph) signal to estimate the heart rate (not supported in Pro Lab yet).

设计可穿戴, the GSR+ unit is free from wired constraints and provides reliable data via a wireless transmitter.

Reusable finger electrodes, disposable adhesive electrodes, and wrist strap are included.

Shimmer3 Dock

一个完整的GSR集, 用户还需要Shimmer Dock, 它能让一个GSR+单元充电.

More information

更详细的365bet请参考 Shimmer's website.

To place an order, please contact the sales team at 365bet Pro. 


Shimmer3 GSR+ Unit

Shimmer3 GSR+单元包括: 

测量范围:10 k-4.7MΩ (.2uS - 100uS) +/- 10%. 22k-680kΩ (1.5-45uS) +/- 3%



2 x Hospital-Grade 1mm Touchproof IEC/EN 60601-1 DIN42-802 jacks

辅助输入:2通道模拟输入通过一个3.5mm 4位插孔(输入电压范围= 0..3.0V)

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